Solution Data Architect

Job Title


The Solution Data Architect will be expected to develop data models and other artefacts plus influence design decisions throughout the software development lifecycle. Key deliverables include the Solution Architecture High Level Design covering all necessary data models, matrices, diagrams, controls, and architectural guidance to detail the solution’s data design and enable its physical implementation.

Contract Responsibilities

  • Works with Business Analysts, Data Analysts, and Business SME’s to determine the solutions data scope by understanding the business data requirements driving the solution.
  • Works with the Solution Architect to design the end-to-end solution data flows (e.g., API’s) sourcing data from architecturally approved sources (masters) and highlighting any gaps.
  • Works with Analysts, SME’s, and Architects to assess data sources and their suitability for the solution. This includes profiling data to infer and communicate pertinent facts about users, systems, and data quality from the data sets.
  • Designs conceptual and logical data models to support the business requirements.
  • Uses the logical data model as basis of delivering physical data models or message formats. Works with Software and Data Engineers to
  • ensure they are implemented as designed. Where possible produces DDL for the build of data stores.
  • Ensures that physical models meet all functional requirements and provides input on non-functional aspects such as sizing, performance, and
  • scalability.

Candidate Profile Requirements

General experience

  • Mastery of core Data Architecture skills including Data Analysis, Data Profiling, Data Modelling (ERD, Dimensional), Data Warehouse Design (Kimball, Inmon), Big Data Design (Lambda, Kappa), Data Lifecycle management, Master Data Management & implementation patterns, Data Integration patterns and methods.
  • Mastery of technologies involved in data management is required (database management systems, data services, data lakes, etc.).
  • Mastery of Enterprise Architecture Frameworks (TOGAF) and application thereof.
  • Mastery of Data Architecture and Enterprise Architecture tooling such as PowerDesigner and BiZZdesign.
  • Good understanding of and affinity with Integrated Oil & Gas industry is preferred.
  • Experience of working with Agile Delivery teams and a knowledge of DevOps constructs.
  • Experienced, global, virtual team worker.
  • Knowledge of all architecture aspects and keen to stay up to date with key developments in IT.


  • Azure Data Factory
  • Azure Data Lake Storage
  • Azure Purview
  • Collibra Platform
  • Databricks
  • Delta Lake
  • Dremio SQL Lakehouse Platform

Soft Skills

  • Affinity with the other Enterprise Architecture domains (process, application, infrastructure, security, and information risk).
  • Leadership & negotiating skills: – ability to drive change using influence and networking.
  • Ability to build a shared vision and able to communicate well.
  • Delivery-oriented with focus on results. Must be a doer with a hands-on attitude.

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